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What is different between Propellerads payment method Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard and Payoneer Bank Transfer ?

Thomas Cooper support

✈ Hello. I suppose one is for getting money on your Payoneer card, second is for payoneer account.

Which is better for withdrawn? (Publisher)

Thomas Cooper support

✈ Ans: They are the same, it depends on what you have and where you want to withdraw your money to.

But I use Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard in the previous month but now I use Payoneer Bank Transfer. is it any problem?  (Publisher)

Thomas Cooper support

✈ No.

Who does it apply to?
  1. To all our new Partners registered after 1st October 2017.

  2. To our current partners who have previously had at least 1 payout (>$100) from PropellerAds. Now you can withdraw your earnings as soon as they reach $25.

  3. If your current balance is below $100 and you didn’t have any payouts previously, please wait until your balance reaches $100 and request the first payment. Right afterward the minimum for your account will be lowered to $25.

The update has been just activated for the following  payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Payoneer Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Webmoney
  • E-payments

Please note:

Your earnings below $100 cannot be transferred from your current account to any other.

How to set $25 payout for your account?

  • Login to your PropellerAds Publishers account.
  • Go to the “Profile” page.
  • Find the “Min. withdrawal amount” form.
  • If your account meets the necessary conditions, you will have an opportunity to change your minimum payout value to $25 by typing 25 in the form.

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propellerads earning proof

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