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Dumplin | 2018, Full movie, Watch And Download 1080p, HD

The grown-up teenage daughter of a former beauty queen is enrolled in her mother’s contest as a protest that intensifies when other participants follow in her footsteps, revolutionizing the contest and her small Texas town.
Initial release: December 7, 2018.
Director: Anne Fletcher
Based on: Dumplin ‘; by Julie Murphy
Screenplay: Kristin Hahn
Producers: Jennifer Aniston, Kristin Hahn, Michael Costigan


The Tories are destined to be shared and transmitted from generation to generation. As they are told and re-told, they transform: the details change shape and lose importance. It’s not just about the narrative, it’s about feeling. This is something that Dolly Parton is intimately familiar with, because if a woman from the South understands something, it is the art of telling a good story. And good storytellers, the truly remarkable, share some things in common: they tell you something familiar, they teach you something new and they surprise you in a way you did not expect.

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That’s what the Dumplin ‘soundtrack aims to do (which will be released on December 7). The film tells the story of a teenager of large size (Danielle Macdonald) who entered the circuit of the beauty contest that made her mother (Jennifer Aniston) famous locally. And a week before the premiere of the film in select theaters, RCA Nashville released its soundtrack: a collection driven by Dolly Parton that plays all the notes of a good story. With six renewed classics and six new writings, it is Dolly’s songbook that serves as inspiration for the titular character. But it does not feel like a soundtrack per se. The album Dumplin ‘feels like an ode to something bigger.