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Claras Ghost Full Movie (2018) Watch, Online, HD

Clara, tired of the constant nerves of her family in the entertainment world, which is absorbed, finds the guidance of the supernatural force that she believes is pursuing her.
Initial release: December 6, 2018 (USA)
Director: Bridey Elliott
Costume design: Caitlin Doukas
Music composed by: Stella Mozgawa
Screenplay: Bridey Elliott

Clara’s Ghost


Bridey Elliott’s debut feature as a writer and director is an ideal idiosyncratic whose main interest is in seeing her parents and siblings (she is the daughter of comedian Chris Elliott) interpret supposedly distorted caricatures of themselves. However, the air in jest can only make this company float until now. In the end, there is not enough distinction or substance to make this absurd family comedy with a haunted house angle feel like something more than a short of ideas too thin. The commercial perspectives will be, at best, modest for a film whose almost square aspect ratio and improvised parody is intended for the smallest possible screens.

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It immediately establishes an absurd and meaningless tenor of almost nothing when Clara (Paula Niedert Elliott) and Ted (Chris Elliott) drive along a lonely rural road at night. He is frantically searching for something that is nothing more than a shoe that he thinks he fell out of the car before, but he considers this a crisis enough to visit the local police station, where the service officer can not grasp the seriousness of the matter (or that she believes).