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Back Roads Full Movie (2018) Online Watch and Free Download

The life of a young man gets out of control when he has a dangerous affair with an older married woman in a rural area of Pennsylvania.
Initial release: December 7, 2018 (USA)
Director: Alex Pettyfer
Story by: Tawni O’Dell
Screenplay: Adrian Lyne
Producers: Alex Pettyfer, Michael Ohoven, Ashley Mansour, Dan Spilo, Jake Seal, Craig Robinson

Back Roads

The dysfunctional family plot of “Back Roads,” which marks the directorial debut of actor Alex Pettyfer, is so twisted that every 10 minutes or so there is a new revelation aimed at surprising the audience, and this probably goes back to Tawni O’Dell Novel, on which the film is based.

The way this story is told could also have something to do with the participation of Adrian Lyne, who co-wrote the script with O’Dell. This is Lyne’s first credit since the drama “Infidel” in 2002, and the particular emphasis on sex feels like her work, so to speak.

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Pettyfer also plays Harley, a young man who had to take responsibility for raising his three sisters after his mother (Juliette Lewis) was imprisoned for murdering his father. This information is transmitted to us in a title card a little uncomfortable at the beginning of the film. Then we see Harley at a police station answering questions about murdering an older woman with whom he had had an affair.