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American Dresser Full Movie (2018) Watch 1080p, HD, Online

When a man discovers he has a son he has never met, he and his best friend get on their motorcycles to drive all over the United States.

American Dresser

Initial release: September 21, 2018 (USA)
Director: Carmine Cangialosi
Script: Carmine Cangialosi
Music composed by: Marc Vanocur
Cinematography: Jesse Brunt
Producers: Martin Sprock, Ryan R. Johnson, Carmine Cangialosi

The cast and crew of the first film filmed at the Great Syracuse Sound Stager were in town Friday night for a reunion and excellent.

The road trip adventure, “American Dresser” was filmed in downtown New York, including the State Fair in 2015. It will premiere on Saturday at the Syracuse Science and Technology Museum (MOST).

On Friday, the cast and crew of the film met with Central American New Yorkers at the Harley Davidson Center to kick off a great weekend not only for “American Dresser,” but also for a growing film industry in Syracuse.

“This film basically goes from Long Island to Oregon, we had to cover a lot of spaces in the middle of the US Here you can get everything, Syracuse Center, places that look like Nebraska,” said Carmine Cangialosi, writer and director. “He really did everything he needed to make it into a successful movie.”

The film stars Tom Berenger, who plays a recent widower who embarks on a cross-country motorcycle ride in search of absolution.

“Yes, finally, it’s been three years, some people say two, I say three yes,” said Berenger.

The protagonist of Berenger, Keith David, plays his best friend. David said that Syracuse has “the wave” in which an actor wants to work.

“The atmosphere here is fantastic, I mean to feel it around you, the support of the community has been simply wonderful, it makes me want to get on a bicycle,” added David.

Raised in Buffalo, actor Jeff Fahey plays the villain and says he was smiling when he discovered where he would be filming.