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GTA 5 Motorcycle Biker 2016 DLC Update Might Be Released Very Shortly

GTA 5 Motorcycle Biker DLC Update Might

GTA 5 Motorcycle Biker DLC Update Might

A famous YouTuber that goes from the identify of MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has discovered some exciting specifics about what appears to generally be a DLC. Based on the screenshots that MrBossFTW has shared, it seems the sport is made up of “Biker” scripts like: gb_biker_bar_deal, gb_biker_joust, gb_biker_rescue_contact plus more.

According to the leaker, “gb” during the scripts refers to both a brand new position on the SecureServ method or CEO/VIP Do the job Missions.

It is nice to understand that Rockstar didn’t point out any Biker DLC that may be released someday inside the near upcoming, but In case the leaks show to generally be correct, the company will most probably arrive with a few details about this new patch.

We remind you that Rockstar has released the same theme DLC in GTA four which it named “The Lost and Damned”, so you will discover large prospects that every one of these rumors will prove being correct.

On the other hand, the GTA Neighborhood has reacted and verified that the data files that MrBossFTW has talked about are in the game Considering that the prior DLC was unveiled in GTA On-line. To paraphrase, Rockstar has almost certainly been engaged on the Biker update for any couple months presently. It is sweet to understand that the producing business does the exact same when it prepares a major DLC while in the GTA 5 recreation.

Rockstar has verified that it will launch The brand new Stunt Race creator on August 2, 2016. This new update will most probably function correctly with the new Biker DLC the developer intends to launch sometime while in the near foreseeable future.

REMINDER: Regretably, we don’t have any news concerning the rumored GTA six sport, but the sport will most likely be launched someday in 2018-2020 and no sooner than that.