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Currency Converter Plus v3.6.1 apk android apps and apps feature, direct apk link for android device


Basic forex converter and exchange rates calculator for up to fifteen currencies directly!

We’ve seen it all – several forex converters, exchange fees lists with charts and historic knowledge. But who want everything extravagant stuff, when you simply will need to learn on holiday how much does that matter Expense, right?
This application will do precisely what you would count on of it during the family vacation in some state. It truly is the main edge is that you could pick out up to 15 currencies which are visible on the main screen.
The conversion will happen straight away – equally as you start to type the quantities.
Do you wish to carry out some math Together with the numbers? No dilemma – use a developed-in calculator. The final result will likely be automatically transformed to all currencies. Are unable to discover your forex? Just include it as a different currency code and easily run the update. The application will download It can be a title and fresh new exchange price. Anymore it’ll generally automobile-update.

Key attributes of the currency converter are:
– wonderful graphics also suited for tablets and android don.
– ease of use – change up to fifteen currencies at the same time!
– offline use – roaming rates are now not a difficulty now – many of the exchange fees are cached!
– the filter of currencies – just press look for in the list
– a variety of Tastes that lets you improve each of the compact items
– on the net update is offered by means of European central bank, Added sources, RSS feeds or you’ll be able to manually increase any customized forex

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